Prince Charles’ Handwritten Letters About Diana Released

Twenty years after her tragic death, Princess Diana’s relationship with Prince Charles is still a topic of conversation among people everywhere. It was no secret that they had a rocky spell which resulted in their divorce in 1996, a year before her passing.

Their troubled relationship and messy separation were subject to plenty of speculation. Despite attempts at damage control, Charles’ public image never recovered especially after he admitted to being in an extramarital relationship with his mistress, Camilla.

Charles has since not publicly spoken about his marriage with the late princess but a letter has recently surfaced to reveal how the prince truly felt after the end of his union.


Just 2 days after their official separation in 1992, the Prince of Wales penned a handwritten letter to a close friend and interior designer, Dudley Poplak, to thank him for being “hugely reassuring and comforting” during an “awful” time.

The royal also added that “‘It can be pretty awful having to live through all the misinterpretation and the flak” and “perhaps they will appreciate the things I try to do after I am dead.”

The Daily Mail

Even during such hardship, Charles seemed optimistic that he would come out strong.

“Perhaps it is part of the test that I have to go through in order to come out the other side, having been tempered in the fire,” he wrote before closing the letter and sending “countless wishes.”

This isn’t the first time that letters from Charles to his friends have mentioned his marriage to Diana. There’s another set of letters that have been causing quite a stir.

Continue onto the next page to see what the prince wrote about Diana to former First Lady Nancy Reagan.

Express reported that Prince Charles had a very close friendship with former First Lady Nancy Reagan but kept it a secret for as long as possible. In the course of their friendship, the pair exchanged plenty of letters, some of which were recently released by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library in California.

In these correspondences, Charles talked about Diana often and in one instance described their relationship as “a kind of Greek tragedy.”

“No one can really understand what it all means until it happens to you which is why it all keeps getting worse and worse. One day I will tell you the whole story,” wrote Charles.

In another letter he shared that he is fully aware of the media creating stories for profit, “I know exactly the methods these dreadful people employ to create the maximum amount of controversy and conflict by making the wildest allegations to make the maximum amount of money.”
His problems with Diana aside, perhaps the most shocking confession Charles made is found in a letter addressed to the wife of the UK Ambassador to Washington in which he admitted: ” I have fallen in love with Mrs Reagan – she is wonderful… I wanted to kiss her.”

Charles’ letters to Poplak as well as four others are currently up for auction and are expected to sell for about $400- $700 each. As for his letters to Mrs. Reagan, they will remain with the Foundation as per her wishes.

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[h/t: The Daily Mail/Express UK]

10 Hilarious Quotes Proving the Royal Family Has a Great Sense of Humor

The Windsor royal family is, for many, a veritable standard of British haughtiness. However, the lords and ladies are just like us, they love a good joke and often make fun of themselves. The usual jokes and puns that we all do in our lives, the members of Royal Family do that kind of stuff too. They all love this stuff too, there is nothing weird or unusual about it anyways. But anyways I am writing this article about the quotes that prove that the Royal Family got a great sense of humor too.

Today I have collected some of the great and funniest examples of Royal Families sense of humor. That will make you laugh too.

Just before Kate Middleton gave birth to her great-grandson, Queen Elizabeth had joked


When asked why they were late, Kate Middleton replied

“William had to do his hair.”


After the birth of his first grandson, Prince Charles was asked if he was happy to be a grandfather. Here’s what he answered


This is how Prince William characterized his wife’s culinary talent

“Kate’s cooking is the reason I am so skinny.”


Prince Charles once had to congratulate a beauty queen of England, and here’s how he started his speech

“Father told me if I ever met a lady in a dress like yours, I must look her straight in the eyes.”



At the 2012 London Marathon, Prince Harry promised that William and Kate would run the next one. When in 2013 he was asked where his brother and his wife were, he said



And this is what Prince Philip thinks of the rules of etiquette

“When a man open a car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife.”


When asked what he learned from growing up, Prince William said,


Before one of his trips to the USA, Prince Harry said,

“Every time I get to meet kids and they have been told a real-life prince is coming, the disappointment on their faces when they see me without a crown or a cape…”


Visiting an Australian university, Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip, were introduced to Mr. and Dr. Robinson. He noticed the wife was a PhD, and her title was much more important than his, to which Prince Philip replied,


“Ah, yes, we have that trouble in our family too.”

The Royal Family Have Caught On to The Dating App Hype And It’s Bloody Hilarious

It’s a normal thing, thinking about dating someone you find attractive, and obviously not a bad thing at all, unless you are like really, really ugly, like me then it’s going to be a problem. However I think by now most of us have used or seen the dating app Happn. Get home from work, turn the app on, and see which stunning humans you’ve stumbled past on your way to work, it’s a pretty great idea. But are there any famous people on Happn? That is the real question in all of our minds.

I’ve crossed paths with a girl who was in the TV series Skins and a pro-British tennis player, but that’s about it. I’m disappointed, I was hoping to link up with Pippa Middleton. Hang on a second, what if the royals were actually on Happn? I know you’re imagining your first date with Prince Harry, or Camilla Parker Bowles, but hold your horses mate.

Turns out that when Lorde said, “We’ll never be royals” she might have been slightly premature. As by the looks of things we’re all just a click and a swipe away from royalty.


Prince William, Duke of Cambridge


Prince George of Cambridge


Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall


Charles, Prince of Wales


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

15 Of the Most Shocking British Royal Family Scandals

British royal family scandals

They may follow centuries-old traditions and present themselves in perfect form, but the British royal family are proof that a family feud or scandal can’t escape even the most elite of circles.

Way back in the 1500s King Henry VIII was leading the way with his many wives, but even the modern day royals aren’t immune to shock and drama, despite an understanding of the media and a team of PR specialists around them.

Princess Margaret was the initial scandal-child, bringing drama to her sister, Queen’s Elizabeth’s first few years of reign due to an affair with a married man. The younger sister of the Queen went on to have more than her fair share of scandal over the years, but it wasn’t until the nineties, when Princess Diana spoke out about her troubled marriage to Prince Charles, that the media began to dig deep into the royal world.

In recent times Prince Harry led the way, although the 33-year-old is currently good as gold and following in his mother’s charitable footsteps. Just recently, Prince William admitted that Princess Charlotte is “going to be trouble”…so are we to expect a new wild child?

From the drama that surrounded Queen Elizabeth’s early reign to Prince Harry’s multiple public slip-ups, here are the most shocking British royal family scandals.


British royal family scandals: Tampon-gate

We now know that Princess Diana overheard many of Charles’ phone conversations with Camilla when they were still married, but we hope for her sake she didn’t catch this one.

A flirty phone exchange between the two was released as a recording in 1992, when Charles and Diana were still in a relationship. The quotes are shocking, but be warned: it will most certainly make you cringe.

Charles: “Oh god. I’ll just live inside your trousers or something. It would be much easier!”

Camilla: (Laughs.) “What are you going to turn into, a pair of knickers?” (Both laugh). “Oh, you’re going to come back as a pair of knickers.”

Charles: “Or, God forbid, a Tampax. Just my luck!” (Laughs.)

Camilla: “You are a complete idiot!” (Laughs.) “Oh, what a wonderful idea!”


British royal family scandals: King Edward VIII marrying a divorcee

It doesn’t sound like a big deal now, but when the then-King Edward denounced the throne to marry two-time divorcee Wallis Simpson in 1936, the world was utterly shocked.

As the leader of the Church of England, King Edward went against everything religion believed then. The church forbade him to marry a divorcee, leaving him with the choice to leave Simpson or abdicate. He chose the latter.

“I have found it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility and to discharge my duties as King […] without the help and support of the woman I love,” he said in a radio address to the nation in December 1936.

Edward and Simpson married in 1937 and stayed together until Edward’s death in 1972. His brother George VI took over as King, but sadly died 16 years later, leaving Queen Elizabeth to take on the role of leader of the Commonwealth.

Meghan Markle’s Half Sister, Meghan Was Treated Poorly At Pippa’s Wedding



According to Meghan Markle’s half-sister, Samantha Grant, Meghan was treated poorly at Pippa Middleton’s wedding on May 20, 2017, at Englefield Estate in Berkshire, England. In an interview with Radar Online, Samantha discussed how her half sister was treated, even stating that Princess Diana would be “appalled” at the situation.

According to Samantha, Meghan was kept out of the church service and only appeared at the reception. Everyone was included in the wedding party, including James Middleton and his girlfriend, TV personality Donna Air. But Markle was kept away from all this.

In an exclusive interview with Radar Online, Samantha did not leave any detail out about how her half sister was treated this past week stating “for the royal family to exclude her from the wedding is in very poor taste.”

“To ignore Meghan at the ceremony and for photographs is pure snobbery. She should have been there. She’s classy, and her dress was designed as a one-off,” Samantha went on to say in defense of her sister.


Samantha went on to say that the late princess would never have treated her son’s girlfriend so poorly like the situation that occurred at the wedding.


“Diana would be appalled to see how Harry’s true love was treated,” Samantha stated about the whole matter.


Samantha clearly wanted to stand up for her sister and tell the world that what happened was not right and was no way to treat someone.


Samantha’s sudden release of emotion comes just a few months after it was disclosed that she was writing a tell-all book about her sister.


Samantha was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2008 and is currently in a wheelchair because of her condition.


Samantha and her sister have not always seen eye-to-eye. Although Samantha’s defense shows that maybe she cares for her half sister, her intentions are slightly questionable.


The media can’t seem to get enough of this couple. Meghan has been dating Prince Harry since 2016. Kensington Palace officially confirmed their relationship among rumors that had been swirling prior to the announcement.


On November 8, 2016, Kensington Palace released a rare statement confirming that the pair was a few months into their relationship.


The statement also revealed a special request from the Prince himself in which he asked the public to stop “abusing and harassing” Markle and her family.


The pair has been spotted in public several times ever since, and the wedding they attended together this past week confirms that they are still going strong.


Markle and Prince Harry might have looked happy when they arrived at the wedding reception together. But according to Markle’s half sister Samantha, it was the exact opposite.


Is Camilla Parker Bowles doing THIS to impress the Queen, husband Prince Charles' mother?

The Queen and Camilla Parker Bowles got a complicated history, we all know that, we all read or heard it somewhere. However, Camilla has been seen wearing some of the Queen’s favorite styles in recent years. Is Prince Charles’s second wife attempting to win royal favor by dressing like Her Majesty? Maybe who knows?

Camilla Parker Bowles is Prince Charles’s second wife, however the pair have been linked romantically for much longer

The Queen did not attend their wedding, as both has previously been married

Camilla appears to have taken style notes from the Queen over the years

The Queen, 90, and Camilla Parker Bowles have officially been family members since 2005, when Camilla finally married life-long love interest Prince Charles. However, Camilla, now 70, had a long history with the royal family before she married the Prince, 68.

The pair had a highly publicized affair when Prince Charles was married to the late Princess Diana.  Camilla herself was also married to Andrew Parker Bowles, who she has two children with, Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes.


During her years by Charles side, whether now during their marriage or in private, Camilla appears to have studied the Queen’s fashionable approach to dressing.

Was this a bid to prove herself worthy to join the royal family by marrying her sweetheart? charted a number of outfits worn by the Duchess of Cornwall that bear a striking similarity to those the Queen has stepped out in.

In 1994 the Queen notably wore an eye-catching purple and red tartan look to the Breamar Games in Scotland. In February this year Camilla wore an almost identical tartan suit skirt in London.



Open Letter Urges Prince William And Kate Middleton Not To Have 3rd Child






When you’re a part of a famous family, it’s inevitable that you will be the center of attention. Especially if you happen to be a part of the royal family. Every step, decision, and even outfit the royals make will be criticized by a watchful eye, as well as being inspiring and influencing the masses that follow and like them.

Even things as personal and mundane as the royal children are in the news almost every other day, with several people wanting to offer their advice and opinions. Most recently, the San-Fransisco-based parenting company Having Kids has written an open letter to Prince William and Kate voicing their opinions on the couple having a third child.

Due to some interesting reasoning, the company respectfully asks that the royal couple keep their family at two children and to ‘consider forgoing having a third child.’ Keep on reading to find out why.

In the open letter to Prince William and Kate, ‘Having Kids’ respectfully asks the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to consider stopping after their second child. 
Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 1.29.17 PMhavingkids

The company promotes smaller families and has posted a letter to their website which details their opinions on the royal family’s children. 
Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 1.29.04 PMhellomagazine

The letter has been signed by the company’s president, Carter Dillard, and executive director Anne Green who have noted the royal family’s public influence. 

The letter offers a few ‘helpful’ suggestions and facts to the royal family, suggesting that a larger family is not what they should be promoting and that several people base their family planning on the royal family. 
Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 1.36.05 PMhellomagazine


The Having Kids parenting company strives to give parents a ‘fair start’, and the organization pointed out a few things that larger families can impact. 
Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 1.28.50 PMmirror

‘Large families are not sustainable,’ the letter reads. ‘We must keep moving in the right direction.’ it explains in regards to halving the human fertility rates. 
Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 1.29.26 PMhavingkids

Some of the impacts Having Kids mentioned were severe flooding, deadlier heatwaves, and an increase in disease. They are all thought to be caused by families that are too large. 
Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 1.40.19 PM

The letter kindly suggests that the Royal family consider setting the example of a smaller family, as well as explaining that not every family will be as privileged. 
Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 1.42.41 PMhavingkids
‘Of course, we know that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are certain to have wonderful lives,’ it reads. ‘protected from the deprivations of poverty and the threat of environmental degradation.’ 
Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 1.44.10 PM
It went on to explain that these larger families can lead to unfair situations for children and asks the Royal couple to consider setting the example of a smaller family.Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 1.29.36 PMhavingkids
The royal couple has yet to respond to the open letter. Kate, who is a mother to George, 4, and Charlotte, 2, has even said that she might want to have more children.  Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 1.47.17 PM

The letter has received some backlash from fans and ‘Royal watchers’. Having Kids has responded to the comments saying that the royal couple can lead by example and that the impact of the wealthiest families can have an effect on the general public. In the end, William and Kate can have as little or as many children as they want. 
Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 1.45.47 PM

This Is Why Princess Diana Would Always Hold Her Purse Near Her Chest





Princess Diana WeddingJoe Haupt



For decades, the way female royals carry their purses have been analyzed by critics and fans alike.

For example, Queen Elizabeth II uses her accessories to communicate with her staff while Kate Middleton has a tendency to clutch her bag when she does not want to shake a person’s hand.

Photographs of Princess Diana clutching her purse-of-the-day closely to her chest are rather iconic, but the reason why the late royal did this has been at the loss of many until recently.


As one might expect, being a member of a royal family comes with a lot of responsibility, and one of those responsibilities is to keep a modest and conservative appearance at all times.

Princess Diana wasn’t quite so conservative in her style of dress, but she was blatantly aware of the rules nonetheless.


Princess Diana was well-known for her sweetheart necklines and her relatively low cut mini-dresses. As a royal,

 she still liked to keep it classy no matter how fashionable. Her purses gave her another way of doing that.


She would hide the top of her bosom from showing by holding her purse close to her chest.

The legacy of Princess Diana’s fashion sense carries on even two decades after her passing. This timeless dress can still be found in stores and boutiques today!

Here is Princess Diana in a more modest piece, taking inspiration from her mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II. No clutch trick necessary here!

Note that when Princess Diana did use this trick it was often when it was time to get out of a car. The low dip and the higher position of the paparazzi called for more coverage.


Here is Princess Diana in a red dress with a red circular clutch to her chest in an attempt to stay modest.

Princess Di 2

Princess Diana and Hillary Clinton both dressed in stylish, but modest skirt suits—no clutches necessary!


Here is the late royal in a periwinkle sparkly blue mini dress and her white clutch at her chest.

Lastly, yet another photo of Princess Diana using her infamous trick.

So, if you didn’t know about the story behind the great Princess Diana and her handbags, you most certainly know now!

Princess Di3

What Princess Diana May Have Looked Like If She Was Alive Today





Last July marked what would have been Princess Diana’s 56th birthday and we can’t help but wonder what the world would be like today if she hadn’t passed away in 1997.

  • Princess Diana was born on July 1st, 1961
  • She died on August 31st, 1997

The famous down-to-earth Princess brought a fresh air to the castle and to people’s hearts. Since she married Prince Charles at St. Paul’s Cathedral in the summer of 1981, people couldn’t seem to look away.

Here are some facts about this grandiose woman and what we think she’d be up to today if she were alive.

1. Diana’s older sister, Sarah, is the reason Prince Charles and Diana met, as she was the one dating him. However, their relationship hit a rough patch when she told a reporter, ‘I am not in love with Prince Charles.’


2. Diana, however, seemed to really like him and even had a picture of the Prince above her bed at boarding school.


3. Diana was 16-years-old when she met Charles, who was 28 at the time. According to Vogue magazine, she was thrilled and told her music teacher all about it.


4. However, they didn’t start dating until 2 years later, when Diana was 18-years-old and Charles, 30.

5. The prince proposed on February 6th, 1981 but their engagement was kept secret for the next few weeks.


6. When the secret was out, she picked an engagement ring consisting of 14 solitaire diamonds, that surrounded a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire set in 18-carat white gold. This caused a major scandal since she picked it from a catalogue, instead of having one custom made.


7. Her wedding dress was adorned with over 10,000 tiny mother of pearl sequins and pearls, and included a 25-foot-long-train–the longest in royal history, as reported by Vogue.

8. This is what she would’ve looked like now if she hadn’t died. (Though we’re not sure where this picture came from, we think it’s as accurate as it gets.)


9. She changed the way children received their education in the royal family. Traditionally, it was conducted by private tutors and governesses, but she insisted Prince William attend nursery school in London.

10. She wanted her two boys to have the most normal upbringing possible. However, she would sometimes do things for them that were anything but ‘normal,’ like invite Cindy Crawford to the palace for dinner because 13-year-old Prince William had a crush on the supermodel.


11. According to her personal chef, Darren McGrady, Diana had a very casual approach to how she treated her staff. ‘She would say, Darren, I need a coffee. Oh, you’re busy. I’ll make it. Do you want one?’

12. She divorced Prince Charles on August 28th, 1996 and received a sum settlement of 17 million pounds, as well as 400,000 pounds per year.

13. Prince Charles and Diana were reportedly not on speaking terms by the time of Diana’s death.



14. However, Buckingham Palace stated that the Princess was still a member of the Royal Family, as she was the mother of the second and third in line for the throne.


15. On August 31, 1997, she died in a car crash in Paris. Her companion, Dodi Fayed, and the driver, Henri Paul, died with her.


16. In 1999, Time magazine named her one of the 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century.

Firefighter Reveals Princess Diana’s Final Words 20 Years After Her Death

#1 Bio




The death of Princess Diana was a tragic one. Many of us remember the day the accident happened in Paris. But on the 20th anniversary of her death, one of the French firefighters who was at the scene remembers her final words.

In an interview with The Sun, the firefighter noted, “The car was in a mess and we just dealt with it like any road accident.” Xavier Gourmelon and his team arrived at the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris.

He continued, “We got straight to work to see who needed help and who was alive. Diana said to me, ‘My God, what’s happened?’” Gourmelon said that the princess was conscious when he pulled her out of the vehicle.



He continued telling The Sun, “She was moving very slightly and I could see she was alive…I could see she had a slight injury to her right shoulder…”


#8 Vanity FairVanity Fair


But once Gourmelon and his team lifted the Princess from the backseat and onto a stretcher, she had suffered a cardiac arrest.


#7 E! Online

“I massaged her heart and a few seconds later she was breathing again,” he continued. The firefighter believed that she had a chance to live.



He added, “As far as I knew when she was in the ambulance she was alive…but I found out later she had died in the hospital. It was upsetting.”
#5 NY Daily NewsNY Daily News
According to the now-retired firefighter, at that time he didn’t know that the woman he pulled from the wrecked Mercedes was Princess Diana. He only found out after the paramedic told him.
#1 BioBio

“I was so shocked,” he told The Sun. “I knew who she was, but don’t follow British royalty closely. I went to the ambulance and looked in and that’s when I recognized her.”

#4 Daily ExpressDaily Express

Gourmelon also recalled how the Princess’s bodyguard was trying to reach for her from the front seat of the car but the firefighters told him to remain calm.
#3 VogueVogue

Gourmelon has not been able to speak publicly about that accident for 20 years because he couldn’t speak about his experience while serving…until now.
#2 VogueVogue

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