Sarah Ferguson Marrying Prince Andrew Again Update: Queen Elizabeth Accepts Fergie At Kate Middleton

Sarah Ferguson marrying Prince Andrew update. Queen Elizabeth accepts Fergie at Kate Middleton’s request. Sarah Ferguson marrying Prince Andrew again after their bitter divorce will be shocking news.

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According to a report by globe Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York and Prince Andrew are preparing to remarry in a lavish royal wedding after getting divorced nearly 20 years ago. The young couple said their I Do’s back in 1986 and after a series of cheating scandals.

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They announced they were separated just six years later in 1992 Fergie and Andrew officially divorced in 1996 and Sarah infuriated Andrew and the royal family when she tried to cash in on their divorce and sell some of Andrews secrets to the American press for nearly 1 million dollars.

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Camilla Blamed Diana For Causing Charles To Feel Low Enough To Seek Refuge Away From The Marriage

Richard K the writer who knew Diana best and his colleague Jeffrey levy brings you the full untold story of Diana and Camilla’s bitter rivalry.

The royal couple’s problems were the result of the near thirteen year age gap between them. According to Diana’s Aunt Mary Roche, they were at very different stages of development.

She says Diana was young and had limited life experience and Prince Charles was already a great thinker. He read a great deal they were perhaps different people Diana to felt the age difference would make romance impossible.

Mary Robertson whose son Patrick was nannied by Diana in the months when she was being courted by the Prince of Wales recalls a Monday morning when Diana told her that she had spent the weekend with the Queen and her family at Balmoral.

I said were you up there with Andrew and she said actually no I was up there seeing Charles. But he didn’t invite me, his mother did. I asked if she thought anything would develop and she said no he’s 31 and I’m 19 he’ll never look twice at me. I said I wouldn’t be too sure.

Sir William Heseltine the Queen’s former private secretary recalls a weekend at Balmoral soon after the Royal Wedding when he came across Diana sitting all by herself under a tree. Engrossed in a book I went over and said what on earth are you doing here, says Sir William 87 and she said in a rather mournful voice I’m just reading up about one of my predecessors Queen Adelaide.

Diana had been given the book by Charles. He was keen for her to know about Adelaide because when she married the future King William the force he was in his early 50s and she was only half his age. The parallels were obvious with one additional.

Plus it was a happy marriage and they were devoted to each other. This even though he’d fathered ten illegitimate children before their wedding. So perhaps Diana had Adelaide in mind when she wrote to her nanny Mary Clarke  some weeks after the wedding.

A letter of breathless happiness adore being married and having some one to devote my time to. She declared while in a letter to Mary Robertson she wrote of my wonderful husband for his part. Charles wrote to a friend all I can say is that marriage is very jolly. The truth was Diana felt Camilla’s shadow everywhere but felt impotent to do anything about it. While Diana could hardly be unaware she was viewed around the globe as one of the great beauties of the age.

Camilla Parker Bowles




Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, GCVO, CSM, PC (née Camilla Rosemary Shand, previously Parker Bowles; born 17 July 1947), is the second wife of Charles, Prince of Wales, the eldest child and heir apparent of Queen Elizabeth II. Instead of using the title of Princess of Wales, she uses the title Duchess of Cornwall, her husband’s secondary designation. In Scotland, she is known as the Duchess of Rothesay. In the event of Charles acceding to the throne, Camilla would become a queen consort; however, an official statement issued by Clarence House on the day of her marriage to Charles announced that she would be known as the Princess Consort.

Camilla is the eldest child of Major Bruce Shand and his wife Rosalind Cubitt, the daughter of Roland Cubitt, 3rd Baron Ashcombe. She was raised in East Sussex and South Kensington, and educated in England, Switzerland and France. She worked for different firms in central London, most notably the decorating firm Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler. In 1973, Camilla married British Army officer Andrew Parker Bowles, with whom she has two children. They divorced in 1995.

Camilla was in a relationship with the Prince of Wales before, during and after their former marriages. The relationship became highly publicized in the media and attracted worldwide scrutiny. In 2005, it culminated in a civil marriage at Windsor Guildhall, which was followed by a televised Anglican blessing by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

As Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla assists the Prince of Wales on his official duties. She is also the patron, president and a member of numerous charities and organizations. Since 1994, she has taken action on osteoporosis, earning honors and awards. She has also raised awareness in areas including rape and sexual abuse, literacy and poverty, for which she has latterly been praised.

Prince Charles

Charles, Prince of Wales (Charles Philip Arthur George born 14 November 1948) is the eldest child and heir apparent of Queen Elizabeth II. Known alternatively in Cornwall as Duke of Cornwall and in Scotland as Duke of Rothesay, he is the longest-serving heir apparent in British history, having held the position since 1952. He is also the oldest person to be next in line to the throne since Sophia of Hanover (the heir presumptive to Queen Anne), who died in 1714 at the age of 83.

Charles was born at Buckingham Palace as the first grandchild of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. He was educated at Cheam and Gordonstoun Schools, which his father, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, had attended as a child, as well as the Timbertop campus of Geelong Grammar School in Victoria, Australia. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from Trinity College, Cambridge, Charles served in the Royal Navy from 1971 to 1976.


In 1981, he married Lady Diana Spencer and they had two sons: Prince William (born 1982), later to become Duke of Cambridge, and Prince Harry (born 1984). In 1996, the couple divorced, following well-publicised extramarital affairs. Diana died in a car crash in Paris the following year. In 2005, Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles.

Camilla Blamed Diana For Causing Charles To Feel Low Enough To Seek Refuge Away From The Marriage




Prince Charles Cracked A Joke On Harry's Birth And It Broke Diana's Heart

Princess Diana was many things to many people but above all she was an adoring of two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. While so much is known about Diana’s special connection with her boy there one thing people may not know about Harry’s birth in particular.

Prince Charles wanted a little girl and Diana knowing that she was carrying a baby boy kept the secret from her husband throughout her entire pregnancy. About a year after Prince William was born in 1982, Diana was under pressure to produce a spare for the heir.

In September 1983 Buckingham Palace announced that Diana was pregnant for the second time but sadly she suffered a miscarriage a week later at Balmoral State in Scotland.



Cut to 1984 when Charles and Diana found out that they were expecting again. During the hard stage of pregnancy Diana told her friends that she not made for the production line but it’s all worth it in the end.

In September 1984 Diana gave birth to a baby boy named Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten Windsor.

After 9 hours of labour and zero drugs in Andrew Morton’s Diana. In her true story she stated about Charles’ dismay of hearing about a baby boy as he wanted a baby girl. Harry was a boy and Charles’ first comment was ‘Oh God! It’s a boy!’

He’s the second one  and has even got red hair. Charles explained later that he meant that comment as a joke but Diana was badly hurt and offended.

Not only that she had suffered nine hours of f**king labor but her younger sisters and younger brother Earl Spencer all happened to have red hair, trade in spencer family.

Later on at Harry’s christening in December, Charles told Diana’s mother that he was disappointed as he was expecting a baby girl.

Diana went on to explain that she and Charles were closest as we’ve ever been and will be in weeks before Harry was born.

Adding, then suddenly after Harry was born, it just went BANG! Our marriage and the whole thing went down the drain.

She also said that there was something inside her that’s closed off after Harry’s birth especially because Charles had picked his longtime affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.

By then she knew that Charles had gone back to his lady she sent of the rekindled romance.

Harry’s red hair made many people to believe that his actual father was James Hewmet, an English army captain who was hired to teach Diana, William and Harry horseback riding while Diana picked her affair with James in the late 80’s.

They didn’t meet for 2 years after Harry’s birth and Charles’ desire to have a baby girl had held strong after all these years.

As evidenced by his excitement over the birth of Princess Charlotte in 2015, I was looking for a grand daughter who would take care of me when I am very old.

He told reporters in a public arrangement that year that “I am really rather thrilled”


Here Are 10 Things That Will Happen Once Queen Elizabeth Dies

Everyone around the world knows exactly who Queen Elizabeth II is. If you aren’t aware that she’s the queen, then you’ve at least seen her face at one point in your life. She’s that sweet old lady who wears great hats.

Many people think that she’s just the Queen of England, but here’s a fun little fact: she is the also the monarch of fifteen other countries such as Canada, Australia, the Bahamas to name a few. She also works closely with the British Parliament.

Queen Elizabeth II is known to show large amounts of strength, as she joined the military when she was only 18. On her trip to Ghana, the Queen was warned it was dangerous to be near the President because people wanted to kill him.

However, she refused to stay away from him and ended up meeting with the President. She is a very strong woman with incredible courage.


She is not only the longest-reigning British monarch, but she’s also currently the oldest surviving monarch in the world according to

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It’s really hard to imagine the world without her, but because she is 91-years-old and we humans cannot live forever, death is the reality.


This is a reality that the United Kingdom is prepared to face. So we have for you the ten things that’ll happen once Queen Elizabeth passes away.

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