10 Hilarious Quotes Proving the Royal Family Has a Great Sense of Humor

The Windsor royal family is, for many, a veritable standard of British haughtiness. However, the lords and ladies are just like us, they love a good joke and often make fun of themselves. The usual jokes and puns that we all do in our lives, the members of Royal Family do that kind of stuff too. They all love this stuff too, there is nothing weird or unusual about it anyways. But anyways I am writing this article about the quotes that prove that the Royal Family got a great sense of humor too.

Today I have collected some of the great and funniest examples of Royal Families sense of humor. That will make you laugh too.

Just before Kate Middleton gave birth to her great-grandson, Queen Elizabeth had joked


When asked why they were late, Kate Middleton replied

“William had to do his hair.”


After the birth of his first grandson, Prince Charles was asked if he was happy to be a grandfather. Here’s what he answered


This is how Prince William characterized his wife’s culinary talent

“Kate’s cooking is the reason I am so skinny.”


Prince Charles once had to congratulate a beauty queen of England, and here’s how he started his speech

“Father told me if I ever met a lady in a dress like yours, I must look her straight in the eyes.”



At the 2012 London Marathon, Prince Harry promised that William and Kate would run the next one. When in 2013 he was asked where his brother and his wife were, he said



And this is what Prince Philip thinks of the rules of etiquette

“When a man open a car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife.”


When asked what he learned from growing up, Prince William said,


Before one of his trips to the USA, Prince Harry said,

“Every time I get to meet kids and they have been told a real-life prince is coming, the disappointment on their faces when they see me without a crown or a cape…”


Visiting an Australian university, Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip, were introduced to Mr. and Dr. Robinson. He noticed the wife was a PhD, and her title was much more important than his, to which Prince Philip replied,


“Ah, yes, we have that trouble in our family too.”

Sarah Ferguson Marrying Prince Andrew Again Update: Queen Elizabeth Accepts Fergie At Kate Middleton

Sarah Ferguson marrying Prince Andrew update. Queen Elizabeth accepts Fergie at Kate Middleton’s request. Sarah Ferguson marrying Prince Andrew again after their bitter divorce will be shocking news.

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew dine out together following Beckham scandal Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES

According to a report by globe Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York and Prince Andrew are preparing to remarry in a lavish royal wedding after getting divorced nearly 20 years ago. The young couple said their I Do’s back in 1986 and after a series of cheating scandals.

Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES

They announced they were separated just six years later in 1992 Fergie and Andrew officially divorced in 1996 and Sarah infuriated Andrew and the royal family when she tried to cash in on their divorce and sell some of Andrews secrets to the American press for nearly 1 million dollars.

Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES


Kate Middleton's Husband Prince William Shares Rare Glimpse into Family Life As He Lifts the Lid on What Prince George and Princess Charlotte Are REALLY Like

Prince William opened up about what Prince George and Princess Charlotte are really like at home [Getty]
While pregnant Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Prince William are happy to appear out in public and perform their royal duties, they are understandably protective of their privacy – especially when it comes to their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Which is why royal family fans got so excited recently by William’s latest revelation.

As William toured Aintree University Hospital in Liverpool, he adorably revealed Princess Charlotte is following in Prince George’s confident footsteps, saying: “George rules the roost and Charlotte isn’t far behind.”

When speaking about Charlotte he also admitted: “I think she’s going to be trouble when she’s older – all fathers say that.”

Duchess of Kate Middleton’s husband Prince William opened up about what Princess Charlotte is really like [Getty]
It’s not the first time we’ve been treated to a rare glimpse into the young royal family’s private life…

Want To Wear Kate’s Favorite Designer? Now It’s On The High St

The Duchess of Cambridge’s favorite high street store is L.K.Bennett. The store is launching its first ready-to-wear collaboration with Preen. The collection with prices from £250 goes on sale from October 5th.

The Duchess of Cambridge must have plenty on her mind . . . not least the news that her favourite High Street store and designer label have teamed up in an exciting fashion collaboration.

Retailer L.K.Bennett is launching its first ready-to-wear collaboration, a 15-piece collection created with Preen. Having celebrated 20 years in the business last year, Preen’s husband and wife design team Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi have built up a loyal fan base of famous women.

Preen is the label that the likes of Michelle Obama, Gwyneth Paltrow, Christy Turlington, Scarlett Johansson trust to make them look serious but beautiful. The Duchess of Cambridge’s favourite high street store is L.K.Bennett.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s favourite high street store L.K.Bennett is partnering with luxury brand Preen for a new collection. Pictured: Devoto dress, £475, Shoes, £195, lkbennett. com
Luxury brand Preen usually retails dresses in excess of £1,000, the new collection with L.K.Bennett has styles for as little as £250
Luxury brand Preen usually retails dresses in excess of £1,000, the new collection with L.K.Bennett has styles for as little as £250

16 Pictures That Show Kate Middleton’s Style Before She Became A Duchess

Duchess Kate Middleton’s style has come a long way since before she married Prince William. This could be because she went through the natural evolution of her fashion sense. Some might say it’s changed so much because of the demands that come with being in the media’s spotlight 24/7.

Whatever the real reason is, it’s undeniable that she’s had quite a transformation. In terms of high fashion, it’s widely known that before she became a Duchess, Kate’s favorite fashion designer was Jenny Packham. These days she opts for more chic and formal options like Roksanda Ilincic and Roland Mouret, just to name a few.

But before she found her chic style as a Duchess, Kate was once dressing just like any other young English woman. From casual jeans and spaghetti straps to sheer summer fabrics, there wasn’t an item of clothing that Kate Middleton wasn’t willing to try on.

Take a look at Kate Middleton’s style before she became a Duchess.

1. This was taken in 2005, before her graduation from the University of St. Andrews. That’s where she met her future husband, Prince William.


2. Kate and William met in 2001, and officially started dating a year later. Here’s Kate pictured at her graduation in 2005.


3. The Duchess graduated with an honors MA in Art History and entered the fashion industry soon after that. Here she is at a wedding in 2005.


4. As a fashion enthusiast, Kate wasn’t afraid to take risks. Here she is at the Festival of British Eventing in 2005, wearing a brown leather hat, cardigan, and boots.


Kate Middleton Just Paid Tribute to Princess Diana And It’s Beautiful

When it comes to fashion you can bet that Kate Middleton will always deliver. She has a way of dressing that is always a mix between classy, elegant and stylish. Every woman, regardless of their age, looks up to Kate and her style.

Recently, the Duchess of Cambridge has been making headlines for something other than her stunning dress at a royal event. The royal family attended a dinner that was held in honor of Spanish King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia this past Wednesday.

According to Reader’s Digest, over 1,000 people from 130 countries attended the dinner and all eyes were on Middleton; for a very good reason. The Duchess looked beautiful wearing Princess Diana’s favorite tiara to the event along with matching earrings.
Reader’s Digest notes that the tiara, which is more than a century old, is part of the family’s private collection.
#7 DNA IndiaDNA India
Some of you may remember Princess Diana wearing the tiara when she was married to Prince Charles.
#8 Tiara Mania

Tiara Mania

Kate Middleton And Prince William Share The One Thing They Don’t Allow In Their House

Everything that the Royals do is observed and talked about constantly. They’re a bigger deal than celebrities themselves. They are also very aware that many people see them as role models and try to emulate their behavior. Of course, you can’t exactly emulate being infinitely wealthy unless you happen to be.

We’re talking about behaviors and mannerisms. After all being regal is a lifestyle, not just a title. But even apart from all the fussy details, people are interested in their family life and what it’s like inside the walls of Kensington Palace. Since they are in no way in need of publicity, they are rather private about their day to day life.

After Prince William and Kate Middleton’s recent royal tour with the kids, insiders have come forth with some new information on how they raise their children and what their life is really like. It appears that it is very important to the couple that their children have as normal a childhood as possible. That is probably not the easiest thing in the world for them, but good on them for the effort.

Reports claim that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge do not allow Prince George and Princess Charlotte to use iPads. They instead know them as “mommy and daddy’s toys.” The couple would rather see their children playing outside than staring at a screen.
royal 1Daily Mail

The insider revealed that “as two people who grew up without gadgets for entertainment themselves, William and Kate are firm believers in toys, outdoor play, and encouraging an active imagination. They’re very much a normal family.”
royal 2InStyle