14 Things Women Love But Are Too Afraid To Ask From You

All the women in the world just loves to overthink, and this is kinda very natural for them. There are so many things they love, but mostly they are too afraid to tell them. The most common reason behind it is that they don’t want to hurt their bf feelings. So it is a guy’s responsibility to recognize these hints and try their hardest to fulfil their women wish if he truly loves her. Doing this kind of things bring in a stronger and long lasting relationship.

I bring you 20 things women love but are too afraid to ask!



After the release of 50 shades of grey many women are really interested in the blindfolding games. She may be too shy to bring this up and tell you that she wants it, but you will definitely be surprised with her remarks when you bring this up while doing intercourse.

Perky restrictions


She would love to be limited, that tend to arouse many women. This manly depends on how much she trust you.

Take captivating photos


Most of the women love it when you take their pictures while they are not aware, doing this gesture make them feel like that they look attractive and beautiful to you all the time and this gives them a special turn on. To add to this, you should tell her that she is really very photogenic.

Make an erotic video


Many women love to catch some erotic and sensuous moments with you on video, which she may rewind and replay in her lonely times. Or maybe you can watch those videos while you are away for work. This add a spice in your relationship.



Pretending to be something else is a huge turn on for many women, where she wants to put on a dress as someone you desire or maybe she desires. And then play some seductive games with you, if you guys are in to that kind of stuff.

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