13 Girly Things Men Secretly Love

It is a very common thing that love for adorable cats, romantic comedies, and all sorts of cosmetic stuff are usually believed to be exclusively a thing for women. But this is not always the case. Many representatives of the stronger half of humanity are also very sensitive deep down, although they are often embarrassed to say this. That means there many men in this world that are really not as tough and hard as they look like or as they show themselves, they can be really soft from the inside. And believe me it does not apply to all men in the world, there are many guys that are hard as a rock and don’t feel nothing. I know that because I am one of them.

There are some “girly” things that many men do and they simply won’t admit it in front of everyone, or anyone at all. It’s just that façade that many men create about themselves. To make themselves look more tough.

Sometimes men like to gossip. Other people should know how naughty their wife is!

Men are known to keep everything to themselves, but sometimes some men also like to gossip about their lives with their friends. It’s not really common in all men but there are some who do this kind of stuff. They like to tell things about their personal lives and things about their wives, not the personal ones, but they do tell them. But men only tell these to their very close friends, only the chosen ones. Not like women, they gossip with every girl they meet every day.

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Many men like to go shopping. But, don’t tell anyone

Yeah men do like to go to shopping, we all want to look good too. It’s a human need, everyone wants to look good, no matter the gender, but it’s like men will go on a crazy shopping spree. But yeah, maybe there are some who will. It’s not all that weird if you look at it from our perspective.


Seductive dances are their thing. Especially if they have a couple of drinks beforehand

Yeah well I can’t compare myself with this, but it is something that some men do. They dances when they alone or with some friends, just for some fun, or just maybe because they like it, so they do it in front of their special friends, to show their unusually weird talent. I don’t do it, I swear I don’t.


Men firmly believe that there’s nothing better after a difficult day than a bubble bath and a glass of wine!

There are many men in the world that thinks like that, and prefer to have a bubble bath after a long and hard working day, to just relieve their stress. I swear I don’t do this shit either, but many do, it’s not all that weird believe me. It really does help if you think about it.


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