10+ Indications & Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating On You

5. Spending too much time on phone


Be it a WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype or any other social media, he spends most of the time on his phone and keeps on ignoring you and your talks is a clear indication, he has found someone, and it is a big warning sign for you.

6. Have more female friends than you have


When you find he is having more female friends than you and his contact list is almost full with female friends it is evident he is cheating on you. You will frequently find him calling, chatting and meeting female friends and ex.

7. Either your partner will give you his phone or keep you away


If your partner allows you to check his phone without any objection, then he must be having the other cell phone, or he has deleted all that obnoxious chats and calls. Or if your partner is avoiding to bring his cell phone near you, then it is clear indication he is hiding something.

8. Often complains of Phone’s battery dying


Now and then, your partner gives you excuses that his battery is about to die either to avoid talking to you or he will switch off his phone intentionally when he is with someone else and lie to you in the name of his phone’s low battery life.

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