10+ Indications & Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating On You

Relationships nowadays are just meant to limit till one-night stand or on or two months. And if you find your relationship to be long-lasting, and suddenly your boyfriend or girlfriend starts losing interest in you then it is a sign of cheating. Cheating partners may think that they are canny, but many of them unknowingly hint and give signs of their extra affair.

List of signs of cheating is discriminatory. Finding your partner’s betrayal is easier these days through messages, emails and social media. The question is now When to know your partner is losing interest in you?

Know What are the signs that you are being cheated on by your partner?

1. Claims privacy all of a sudden


Your partner will no longer grant you to touch his cell phone. Suddenly, he will demand to be private by secretly texting or calling someone when you are not around. These signs shouldn’t be ignored.

2. Lock-patterns and passwords


Your partner will change passwords known to you and start-off keeping lock patterns and don’t allow you to knowhis lock pattern making excuses.

3. Saves name of new fling by fake name


Say, your boyfriend is cheating on you then he will avoid the contact of his new female friend or his ex with whom he is trying to patch up,  with a fake name, i.e., maybe he will save the contact in the name of a guy’s name or maybe he will use some short form.

4. Giving irrelevant explanations

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