14 Things Women Love But Are Too Afraid To Ask From You

All the women in the world just loves to overthink, and this is kinda very natural for them. There are so many things they love, but mostly they are too afraid to tell them. The most common reason behind it is that they don’t want to hurt their bf feelings. So it is a guy’s responsibility to recognize these hints and try their hardest to fulfil their women wish if he truly loves her. Doing this kind of things bring in a stronger and long lasting relationship.

I bring you 20 things women love but are too afraid to ask!



After the release of 50 shades of grey many women are really interested in the blindfolding games. She may be too shy to bring this up and tell you that she wants it, but you will definitely be surprised with her remarks when you bring this up while doing intercourse.

Perky restrictions


She would love to be limited, that tend to arouse many women. This manly depends on how much she trust you.

Take captivating photos


Most of the women love it when you take their pictures while they are not aware, doing this gesture make them feel like that they look attractive and beautiful to you all the time and this gives them a special turn on. To add to this, you should tell her that she is really very photogenic.

Make an erotic video


Many women love to catch some erotic and sensuous moments with you on video, which she may rewind and replay in her lonely times. Or maybe you can watch those videos while you are away for work. This add a spice in your relationship.



Pretending to be something else is a huge turn on for many women, where she wants to put on a dress as someone you desire or maybe she desires. And then play some seductive games with you, if you guys are in to that kind of stuff.

10+ Indications & Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating On You

Relationships nowadays are just meant to limit till one-night stand or on or two months. And if you find your relationship to be long-lasting, and suddenly your boyfriend or girlfriend starts losing interest in you then it is a sign of cheating. Cheating partners may think that they are canny, but many of them unknowingly hint and give signs of their extra affair.

List of signs of cheating is discriminatory. Finding your partner’s betrayal is easier these days through messages, emails and social media. The question is now When to know your partner is losing interest in you?

Know What are the signs that you are being cheated on by your partner?

1. Claims privacy all of a sudden


Your partner will no longer grant you to touch his cell phone. Suddenly, he will demand to be private by secretly texting or calling someone when you are not around. These signs shouldn’t be ignored.

2. Lock-patterns and passwords


Your partner will change passwords known to you and start-off keeping lock patterns and don’t allow you to knowhis lock pattern making excuses.

3. Saves name of new fling by fake name


Say, your boyfriend is cheating on you then he will avoid the contact of his new female friend or his ex with whom he is trying to patch up,  with a fake name, i.e., maybe he will save the contact in the name of a guy’s name or maybe he will use some short form.

4. Giving irrelevant explanations

13 Girly Things Men Secretly Love

It is a very common thing that love for adorable cats, romantic comedies, and all sorts of cosmetic stuff are usually believed to be exclusively a thing for women. But this is not always the case. Many representatives of the stronger half of humanity are also very sensitive deep down, although they are often embarrassed to say this. That means there many men in this world that are really not as tough and hard as they look like or as they show themselves, they can be really soft from the inside. And believe me it does not apply to all men in the world, there are many guys that are hard as a rock and don’t feel nothing. I know that because I am one of them.

There are some “girly” things that many men do and they simply won’t admit it in front of everyone, or anyone at all. It’s just that façade that many men create about themselves. To make themselves look more tough.

Sometimes men like to gossip. Other people should know how naughty their wife is!

Men are known to keep everything to themselves, but sometimes some men also like to gossip about their lives with their friends. It’s not really common in all men but there are some who do this kind of stuff. They like to tell things about their personal lives and things about their wives, not the personal ones, but they do tell them. But men only tell these to their very close friends, only the chosen ones. Not like women, they gossip with every girl they meet every day.

© Kvadrat

Many men like to go shopping. But, don’t tell anyone

Yeah men do like to go to shopping, we all want to look good too. It’s a human need, everyone wants to look good, no matter the gender, but it’s like men will go on a crazy shopping spree. But yeah, maybe there are some who will. It’s not all that weird if you look at it from our perspective.


Seductive dances are their thing. Especially if they have a couple of drinks beforehand

Yeah well I can’t compare myself with this, but it is something that some men do. They dances when they alone or with some friends, just for some fun, or just maybe because they like it, so they do it in front of their special friends, to show their unusually weird talent. I don’t do it, I swear I don’t.


Men firmly believe that there’s nothing better after a difficult day than a bubble bath and a glass of wine!

There are many men in the world that thinks like that, and prefer to have a bubble bath after a long and hard working day, to just relieve their stress. I swear I don’t do this shit either, but many do, it’s not all that weird believe me. It really does help if you think about it.


Prince Charles’ Handwritten Letters About Diana Released

Twenty years after her tragic death, Princess Diana’s relationship with Prince Charles is still a topic of conversation among people everywhere. It was no secret that they had a rocky spell which resulted in their divorce in 1996, a year before her passing.

Their troubled relationship and messy separation were subject to plenty of speculation. Despite attempts at damage control, Charles’ public image never recovered especially after he admitted to being in an extramarital relationship with his mistress, Camilla.

Charles has since not publicly spoken about his marriage with the late princess but a letter has recently surfaced to reveal how the prince truly felt after the end of his union.


Just 2 days after their official separation in 1992, the Prince of Wales penned a handwritten letter to a close friend and interior designer, Dudley Poplak, to thank him for being “hugely reassuring and comforting” during an “awful” time.

The royal also added that “‘It can be pretty awful having to live through all the misinterpretation and the flak” and “perhaps they will appreciate the things I try to do after I am dead.”

The Daily Mail

Even during such hardship, Charles seemed optimistic that he would come out strong.

“Perhaps it is part of the test that I have to go through in order to come out the other side, having been tempered in the fire,” he wrote before closing the letter and sending “countless wishes.”

This isn’t the first time that letters from Charles to his friends have mentioned his marriage to Diana. There’s another set of letters that have been causing quite a stir.

Continue onto the next page to see what the prince wrote about Diana to former First Lady Nancy Reagan.

Express reported that Prince Charles had a very close friendship with former First Lady Nancy Reagan but kept it a secret for as long as possible. In the course of their friendship, the pair exchanged plenty of letters, some of which were recently released by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library in California.

In these correspondences, Charles talked about Diana often and in one instance described their relationship as “a kind of Greek tragedy.”

“No one can really understand what it all means until it happens to you which is why it all keeps getting worse and worse. One day I will tell you the whole story,” wrote Charles.

In another letter he shared that he is fully aware of the media creating stories for profit, “I know exactly the methods these dreadful people employ to create the maximum amount of controversy and conflict by making the wildest allegations to make the maximum amount of money.”
His problems with Diana aside, perhaps the most shocking confession Charles made is found in a letter addressed to the wife of the UK Ambassador to Washington in which he admitted: ” I have fallen in love with Mrs Reagan – she is wonderful… I wanted to kiss her.”

Charles’ letters to Poplak as well as four others are currently up for auction and are expected to sell for about $400- $700 each. As for his letters to Mrs. Reagan, they will remain with the Foundation as per her wishes.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments!

[h/t: The Daily Mail/Express UK]

10 Hilarious Quotes Proving the Royal Family Has a Great Sense of Humor

The Windsor royal family is, for many, a veritable standard of British haughtiness. However, the lords and ladies are just like us, they love a good joke and often make fun of themselves. The usual jokes and puns that we all do in our lives, the members of Royal Family do that kind of stuff too. They all love this stuff too, there is nothing weird or unusual about it anyways. But anyways I am writing this article about the quotes that prove that the Royal Family got a great sense of humor too.

Today I have collected some of the great and funniest examples of Royal Families sense of humor. That will make you laugh too.

Just before Kate Middleton gave birth to her great-grandson, Queen Elizabeth had joked


When asked why they were late, Kate Middleton replied

“William had to do his hair.”


After the birth of his first grandson, Prince Charles was asked if he was happy to be a grandfather. Here’s what he answered


This is how Prince William characterized his wife’s culinary talent

“Kate’s cooking is the reason I am so skinny.”


Prince Charles once had to congratulate a beauty queen of England, and here’s how he started his speech

“Father told me if I ever met a lady in a dress like yours, I must look her straight in the eyes.”



At the 2012 London Marathon, Prince Harry promised that William and Kate would run the next one. When in 2013 he was asked where his brother and his wife were, he said



And this is what Prince Philip thinks of the rules of etiquette

“When a man open a car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife.”


When asked what he learned from growing up, Prince William said,


Before one of his trips to the USA, Prince Harry said,

“Every time I get to meet kids and they have been told a real-life prince is coming, the disappointment on their faces when they see me without a crown or a cape…”


Visiting an Australian university, Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip, were introduced to Mr. and Dr. Robinson. He noticed the wife was a PhD, and her title was much more important than his, to which Prince Philip replied,


“Ah, yes, we have that trouble in our family too.”

Firefighter Reveals Princess Diana’s Final Words 20 Years After Her Death

#1 Bio




The death of Princess Diana was a tragic one. Many of us remember the day the accident happened in Paris. But on the 20th anniversary of her death, one of the French firefighters who was at the scene remembers her final words.

In an interview with The Sun, the firefighter noted, “The car was in a mess and we just dealt with it like any road accident.” Xavier Gourmelon and his team arrived at the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris.

He continued, “We got straight to work to see who needed help and who was alive. Diana said to me, ‘My God, what’s happened?’” Gourmelon said that the princess was conscious when he pulled her out of the vehicle.



He continued telling The Sun, “She was moving very slightly and I could see she was alive…I could see she had a slight injury to her right shoulder…”


#8 Vanity FairVanity Fair


But once Gourmelon and his team lifted the Princess from the backseat and onto a stretcher, she had suffered a cardiac arrest.


#7 E! Online

“I massaged her heart and a few seconds later she was breathing again,” he continued. The firefighter believed that she had a chance to live.


#6 AOL.comAOL.com

He added, “As far as I knew when she was in the ambulance she was alive…but I found out later she had died in the hospital. It was upsetting.”
#5 NY Daily NewsNY Daily News
According to the now-retired firefighter, at that time he didn’t know that the woman he pulled from the wrecked Mercedes was Princess Diana. He only found out after the paramedic told him.
#1 BioBio

“I was so shocked,” he told The Sun. “I knew who she was, but don’t follow British royalty closely. I went to the ambulance and looked in and that’s when I recognized her.”

#4 Daily ExpressDaily Express

Gourmelon also recalled how the Princess’s bodyguard was trying to reach for her from the front seat of the car but the firefighters told him to remain calm.
#3 VogueVogue

Gourmelon has not been able to speak publicly about that accident for 20 years because he couldn’t speak about his experience while serving…until now.
#2 VogueVogue

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Kate Middleton Just Paid Tribute to Princess Diana And It’s Beautiful

When it comes to fashion you can bet that Kate Middleton will always deliver. She has a way of dressing that is always a mix between classy, elegant and stylish. Every woman, regardless of their age, looks up to Kate and her style.

MAIN Tiara-Mania


Recently, the Duchess of Cambridge has been making headlines for something other than her stunning dress at a royal event. The royal family attended a dinner that was held in honor of Spanish King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia this past Wednesday.

According to Reader’s Digest, over 1,000 people from 130 countries attended the dinner and all eyes were on Middleton; for a very good reason. The Duchess looked beautiful wearing Princess Diana’s favorite tiara to the event along with matching earrings.

Reader’s Digest notes that the tiara, which is more than a century old, is part of the family’s private collection.
Tiara Mania

Some of you may remember Princess Diana wearing the tiara when she was married to Prince Charles.

Tiara Mania

We’ve seen how it looks when a blonde wears it, and now it’s safe to say that a brunette can rock it just as well as we can see on Kate’s head.

Tiara Mania

The tiara’s name is the Cambridge Lover’s Knot and it’s not the first time the Duchess of Cambridge has matched her late mother-in-law’s iconic style.   
Tiara Mania

As for her dress, Middleton wore a gorgeous pink laced evening dress that was designed by Marchesa and it works perfectly with the beautiful tiara.

Tiara Mania

But there was another accessory that caught people’s attentions that evening. Middleton also wore a stunning diamond and ruby necklace which was on loan from the Queen.
Tiara Mania

It’s no secret that these family heirlooms could catch anybody and everybody’s eye. They are complete showstoppers.
Tiara Mania

Kate’s story is truly a real-life fairy tale in how she became part of the royal family. It’s definitely every little girl’s dream to be able to wear a beautiful gown topped with a tiara!

Tiara Mania


Sarah Ferguson Marrying Prince Andrew Again Update: Queen Elizabeth Accepts Fergie At Kate Middleton

Sarah Ferguson marrying Prince Andrew update. Queen Elizabeth accepts Fergie at Kate Middleton’s request. Sarah Ferguson marrying Prince Andrew again after their bitter divorce will be shocking news.

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew dine out together following Beckham scandal Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES

According to a report by globe Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York and Prince Andrew are preparing to remarry in a lavish royal wedding after getting divorced nearly 20 years ago. The young couple said their I Do’s back in 1986 and after a series of cheating scandals.

Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES

They announced they were separated just six years later in 1992 Fergie and Andrew officially divorced in 1996 and Sarah infuriated Andrew and the royal family when she tried to cash in on their divorce and sell some of Andrews secrets to the American press for nearly 1 million dollars.

Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES


Meghan Markle and Next Royal Wedding

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William Pregnant Photo (C) TWITTER
Catherine Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William Pregnant Photo (C) TWITTER

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their third child, Kensington Palace has confirmed.


Catherine Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William Pregnant Photo (C) TWITTER
Catherine Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William Pregnant Photo (C) TWITTER





The couple already has two children, Prince George, 4, and Princess Charlotte, 2.

The announcement confirms predictions that William and Kate would have a third child.

On a royal tour of Poland in July 2017, The Duchess of Cambridge joked about having a third – after being given a present designed for newborns.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their third child, Kensington Palace has confirmed. Photo (C) TWITTER
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their third child, Kensington Palace has confirmed. Photo (C) TWITTER

When she was offered a cuddly toy designed to soothe tiny babies during an event for start-up tech companies in Warsaw she turned to the Duke, and said: ‘We will just have to have more babies.’

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES
Catherine Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES

The news was announced as the royal couple were preparing to send their eldest child, Prince George, off to school for the first time.

They have chosen a fee-paying independent school in a south London borough for their four-year-old son.

Thomas’s Battersea will welcome the young prince and his parents on Thursday.

On Tuesday, Kate was due to join her husband and Prince Harry to visit the newly-established Royal Foundation Support4Grenfell Community Hub, which provides mental health resources for the children, young people and families affected by the Grenfell fire.

William, who quit his job as a pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance in July to become a full-time royal, is also due to attend the National Mental Health and Policing Conference in Oxford on Tuesday.

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES
Catherine Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES

The couple’s third child will be born fifth in line to the throne, bumping uncle Harry out of the top five and into sixth place.

The Prince of Wales is first in line, followed by William, Prince George and the couple’s daughter Princess Charlotte, who is two.


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NFL’s Todd Heap Killed His #3 Year Old Daughter Accidentally, These Are The Details

NFL retired player Todd Heap’s  daughter shockingly died on Friday , April 14. Todd played 10 seasons with the Baltimore Ravens and in the first round in 2001 draft he was drafted as player.

Later on in 2011, Todd Heap was released from the Arizona Cardinals and then retired from the NFL and later on he officially retired from the sport after one year.

While he was playing at Mountain View High School at Mesa, Arizona and during his college years, he earned a name for himself, and Heap was highly sought. He was one of the best players in that particular time. He was showing his best in the game, by leading his team to victory and doing the best he could do in order to achieve that.

During the match he was playing in championship at Mountain View High School Heap threw a 26-yard touchdown pass. It was a sensational and breath taking game, a game that made him up and coming and an interesting player to watch. As Heap was showing the best of his skills, and that he means business.

<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-3072″ src=”http://deffduck.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/image-1.png” alt=”” width=”592″ height=”366″ />

Heap was then selected 31st overall in the 2001 NFL draft, by the Baltimore Ravens and during his career as an NFL player, Todd Heap started over 115

<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-3073″ src=”http://deffduck.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/image-2.png” alt=”” width=”592″ height=”389″ />

During his rookie season, Todd was playing behind Pro-Bowler Shannon Sharpe. On that match Heap recorded 16 receptions, 206 yards and even one touchdown. During the season 2006, Heap was given the name NFL Alumni Tight End of the year. That was the start of his fame and lime light.

<img class=”alignnone wp-image-3074″ src=”http://deffduck.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/image-3.png” alt=”” width=”566″ height=”589″ />


Eventually due to the injuries that Heap sustained during his career in the Ravens, he was released from contract, and after that he quickly signed with the Arizona Cardinals.

<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-3075″ src=”http://deffduck.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/image-4.png” alt=”” width=”592″ height=”369″ />

After leaving the Ravens Heap signed a 2 year deal with the Arizona, but in this time Heap only appeared in 12 games. While Heap’s performance with the Cardinals was noteworthy and a flawless one, his time with the Cardinals was not very conclusive with the injuries he already sustained, that was the reason why Heap was never able to achieve the success and lime light he had and achieved with the Ravens.

On the next page we are trying to elaborate the details surrounding his daughter’s tragic death.

After Todd Heap was retired from the NFL in 2014, he was introduced into the Baltimore Ravens Ring of Honor. Todd’s best season while he was playing with the Baltimore was without a doubt in 2006, when he helped the team to finish with a 13-3 record, catching 83 passes for over 765 yards and even 6 touch downs.

<img class=”alignnone wp-image-3076″ src=”http://deffduck.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/image-5.png” alt=”” width=”620″ height=”625″ />

Heap had a lover in his high school, Ashley, shortly after his rookie training camp in 2001 they got married, and the two had 5 children together.

<img class=”alignnone wp-image-3077″ src=”http://deffduck.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/image-6.png” alt=”” width=”632″ height=”843″ />

<!–nextpage–>Todd’s youngest daughter was born in 2013, she died on Friday April 2014, after Todd badly hit her with his truck while he was moving the truck in his driveway.

<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-3078″ src=”http://deffduck.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/image-7.png” alt=”” width=”660″ height=”350″ />

After that incident the young girl was rushed to the hospital, the doctors in the hospital did their best to revive her and make her condition better. Unfortunately, they failed to revive the young girl and she became the victim to her injuries and lost her life.

<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-3079″ src=”http://deffduck.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/image-8.png” alt=”” width=”776″ height=”441″ />

Find more about Heap’s daughter and her tragic death, and most recent details surrounding this.


After hearing the news about the death of Heap’s daughter’s, the Baltimore Ravens issued a statement on this tragic event saying ‘We cannot imagine the heartbreak and sorrow Todd and Ashley’s family feels right now.’

<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-3080″ src=”http://deffduck.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/image-9.png” alt=”” width=”571″ height=”456″ />

This was a knee-buckling news for everyone with any kind of connection with Heap and his family. Death of an infant baby is suppose to give a big hit. Heap’s daughter was not even one year old, so it was a really tragic time with unimaginable pain for Heap and his family.

Police also issued the statement regarding the tragic death of Heap’s daughter’s, the police said that there were no indication or any kind of sign that showed that Heap was weakened or damaged at the time of this unspeakable accident.


<img class=”alignnone wp-image-3068″ src=”http://deffduck.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/10-5.png” alt=”” width=”565″ height=”677″ />

While the investigation is still going on about this incident, all signs point to this being just a tragic and horrible accident. Of course no parent would ever harm their children consciously. All parents love their kids and they can just never think about giving them harm of any kind, whether it’s physical or mental. The relationship between parents and kids is really just beautiful and strong and unfathomable. So there was no was that Heap would’ve struck her daughter knowingly.

<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-3069″ src=”http://deffduck.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/11-5.png” alt=”” width=”628″ height=”506″ />


There has been a huge amount of support and condolences for Heap and his family concerning the death of Heap’s daughter’s death on social media, the news and his fans and supporters, all were sadly describing this tragic incident and praying for them to get through this sad and hard time of their lives. We also say our best regards concerning to this tragic accident and hope for them to get through this harsh time, and may her soul rest in peace, Amen.

<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-3070″ src=”http://deffduck.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/12-5.png” alt=”” width=”470″ height=”471″ />

But as we further discuss this matter concerning the NFL players. The game play of NFL is a harsh one truth be told, they tackle each other with so much force to they are tend to have some brain injuries too. Because they mostly tackle while clashing their helmets. At that time during game or their career, they might not be aware of that situation, but later on when they are old or retire they are tend to feel the pain and the feeling of something missing, sometimes they go through some brain injuries. The constant clashing of heads while in game and tackling lead to the loss of brain cells, which then leads to some brain problems. So some of them may not even be sane enough in their old age and maybe have memory loss. But as it is clear that in this accident there was no clear evidence that the accident happened because of these kind of situations. So Heap clearly did not stuck her daughter intentionally. But we all pray from the depth of our hearts that Heap and his family can spend a beautiful life together and no other tragic incident happen in their lives. Cause this one was more than enough.